What Is the Relationship Between Poverty and Power Discussion and Responses

Over the course of Unit One, we have learned about many different ethics theories and applied them to a variety of current topics and viewed ethics arguments through circumstances in The Hunger Games. In this discussion forum, you will consider Cinna's influence and expectations on Katness, and you will reflect on the ethical theories we've explored so far to help you consider whether or not Katniss has treated Peeta fairly.

Your first entry will consist of two paragraphs. See detailed guidance on your initial entry and responses to peers below.

1. Your initial entry:

  • First paragraph:
    • Rebellion: Explore the Mockingjay as a symbol of rebellion. Where do we first start start to see it? Who is connected to it? How does this symbol take on a larger awareness as Katniss gains a clearer understanding of the relationship between the Districts and the Captiol?
  • Second paragraph:
    • Power and Poverty: Early in Catching Fire, but also in The Hunger Games, Katniss alludes to the presence of poverty and the sense of powerlessness. Explore in some detail the relationship between poverty and power and provide some current societal illustrations to support your claims.

2. Responses to peers:

  • Read the entries of your peers and respond thoughtfully and substantively to at least one of your peers to receive full credit for this assignment.
    • What do you find most interesting about their responses, and why? Did they make points that were similar to or different from your own?