Week 8 Reporting on Ethics Theories and the Current War Discussion

In this assignment, you will imagine that you are the anchor for a local news outlet, and you are to provide a news story for the evening news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how Social Contract Theory relates. Through creating your news report, you will be analyzing this emergent, contemporary topic by applying what you have learned about social contract theory. See specific details for this assignment below. 


Pretend you are a news reporter, and write a news report answering the following questions:

What is going on in Russia and the Ukraine? 

You watched a video on Social Contract Theory in this module. Based on their differing contractarianism philosophies, describe to viewers how you think Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau would view the current war. 

Note: What I'm looking for here is simply for you to provide awareness of this current event and to highlight what you have learned and considered in this module.