Week 8 Health and Wellness of Children with Hearing Loss Discussion

This discussion board has two different parts:


Step 1:

  • Write your current research question.
  • Based on the Wrench chapter, the video, and the other readings, who is normally the primary audience for a literature review? What type of language and tone would you expect in a literature review?
  • Name 1-3 organizational strategies mentioned in the readings that might best serve your lit review (based on your current research question, the type of sources you have found, the types of claims you want to make, etc.). Why would those organizational strategies best help you make the argument and meet audience expectations?

Step 2:

  • From Wrench et al. or the University of North Carolina Writing Center Handout, choose one of the organizational strategies that you said may be the best fit for your topic.
  • Based on the sources you have collected in the research logs so far, write an outline of your literature review.
  • The outline should include main headers and subheaders and should reflect an organizational strategy found in the Wrench et al. article or or the University of North Carolina Writing Center Handout. Include possible claims within each subsection; short sentences are enough.
  • Note any areas where you know you will need additional sources.
  • You will continue adapting this outline, and it will become a draft of the literature review over the next few weeks. The goal is to begin organizing the information you have into sections.