Week 5 Project

Select one of the suggested references listed below. Based on your selection, complete the following tasks: Identify and describe the research problem, purpose, objectives, and hypothesis identified in the article. Describe how you would evaluate the credibility of the research article. References: Fitzwater, J., Johnstone, C., Schippers, M., Cordoza, M., & Norman, B. (2019). A comparison of oral, axillary, and temporal artery temperature measuring devices in adult acute care. MEDSURG Nursing 28 (1), 35-41. Week 5 Template Check the correct method used in your article Quantitative Qualitative Identify the research problem. Identify the research purpose. Summarize the literature review. Identify the nursing framework or theoretical perspective, if there is one. Identify the research questions or hypotheses. TEMPLATE: Identify the variables – independent, dependent, demographic. Identify the design and discuss the appropriateness of the design. Describe the procedures for data collection. Describe the instruments used to collect data and discuss their validity and reliability. Describe the final sample. Summarize the results including statistical analysis used or other method of analysis. Discuss the significance of the study. Did it resolve the question? Discuss the legal and ethical issues of the study. Include the use of human subjects and their protection. Describe any cultural aspects of the study. Describe how the results of the research may affect future nursing practice. Apply the research results to your personal nursing practice