W2 Literacy Curriculums Presentation

Create a 10-12 slide digital presentation comparing different literacy curricula for elementary-age students. Research and select three literacy curriculums to present to your school administration.

Include the following in your presentation for each literacy curriculum:

  • Name and      publisher of the literacy curriculum and appropriate grade levels
  • Explanation of      how the literacy curriculum is research-based
  • Explanation of      how the curriculum supports student achievement and growth in foundational      literacy skills and writing 
  • Strengths of the      curriculum based on researched evidence
  • Weaknesses of      the curriculum based on researched evidence and recommendations for how      these could be overcome
  • The      collaboration that will occur with district and school-site stakeholders      in selecting literacy curriculum  
  • Recommendations      on which literacy curriculum should be used and include a justification of      your recommendations and how your choices meet individual student needs