UW Research Proposal Research Paper

The library research assignment and research essay assignments are linked assignments. You will be choosing an essay topic from the list below, carrying out research to build an essay on that research topic, and then writing the essay itself. Note that each essay topic asks you to include a primary source from Sources of The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures as one of your sources.

For the Library Research Assignment, you will carry out online library-based research after which you will produce and provide to the course instructor a document that includes the following:

  • A Research Proposal that describes what you hope to prove or argue in your essay. How do you intend to answer the prompt question? (approx. 300 words)
  • An annotated bibliography, which is a list of the sources you will use to build your essay accompanied by a description of what each source offers. I’m looking for three key pieces of information in your annotation (1) tell me what the source is arguing: what’s its thesis? (2) tell me who the author of this source is to demonstrate that this are a qualified source. What are their credentials? (3) How will you use this source in your essay? How will its information build your argument?