University of The District of Columbia Calculate the Number of Neutrons Questions

1. Please calculate the correct answer to the right number of significant figures

a. 87.20 x 0.03

b. 50 - 23.45

c. 0.987 + 40.0

d. 78.7878 / 21.0

2. Please complete the following conversions

a. 0.034 Mg to g

b. 45.2 L to µL

c. 91.034 cm to km

d. 87.1 mL to teaspoons (1 tsp = EXACTLY 5 mL)

e. 23.4 feet to cm (1 ft = 12 inches, 2.54 cm = 1 inch)

3. Please tell me the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons from the following atoms

a. 200Hg+2

b. 37Cl-

c. 49V+3

d. 200Au

e. 17O-2

f 13C

4. Please show the appropriate symbol given the following information.

a. p=45 n=50 e=45

b. p=10 n=10 e=10

c. p=19 n=20 e=18

d. p=7 n=8 e=10

e. p=63 n=70 e=60