The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Discussion

  • Prompt

In this week's discussion forum, we will consider Katniss's identify as the Mockingjay, and we'll review what we learned last week about utilitarianism by considering how this concept applies to Katniss's engagement to Peeta.

Your first entry will consist of two paragraphs. See detailed guidance on your initial entry and responses to peers below. 

1. Your initial entry:

  • First paragraph:
    • Is it Ethical?: Choose two ethics theories we have learned about this semester and explain whether the Russian invasion is ethically right or wrong through the lens of each theory. (You may want to review the previous modules to consider which two theories you'd like to discuss: Social contract theory, utilitarianism, moral relativism, metaethics, virtue theory, etc.)
  • Second paragraph:
    • What Can We Do? Do some independent research to explore various relief organizations or volunteer opportunities to help Ukraine and those affected by the war. As emerging ethics scholars, I want you to seize this opportunity to get creative and figure out ways you and others can do what is in your power to make a positive impact. In this second paragraph, you should provide two ways people can help. If you reference specific organizations, please provide the link and explain how exactly people can help. If you have a creative original idea for how individuals can help, explain your idea. 
    • After we have pooled all of our ideas, I will create an infographic listing your ideas, and I will see if we can have the infographic circulated across campus. 

2. Responses to peers:

  • Read the entries of your peers and respond thoughtfully and substantively to at least one of your peers to receive full credit for this assignment.