The Basics of Uranium Element a Heavy Metal Analysis

This week, we reviewed and/or refreshed our knowledge on the basics of chemistry. The world and everything in it is made of atoms, which in turn form elements. For this discussion post, you will be picking an element from the periodic table based on your last name, and creating an informative post about that element. To find your element of choice, see below:

Last names starting with A-D: any element from atomic number 1-15

Last names starting with E-I: any element from atomic number 16-30

Last names starting with J-M: any element from atomic number 31-45

Last names starting with N-P: any element from atomic number 46-60

Last names starting with Q-S: any element from atomic number 61-75

Last names starting with T-V: any element from atomic number 76 -90

Last names starting with W-Z: any element from atomic number 91 - 102

In your discussion post, include the following information: 

Your element of choice (don't just pick the very first number in your assigned list! Find one that speaks to you!)

The basics of your element - name, atomic number, atomic weight, amount of protons, neutrons, electrons

How many electron shells your element has, as well as how many electrons are in its valence shell

Where/when was it discovered?

Does it occur naturally in nature, (if so, where?) or is it synthetically made?

2-3 interesting facts about your element - one fact must be on the usage of the element - do we use it in medicine, as a building component, in jewelry, etc.