TCH 539 Grand Canyon University Sharing the Action Research Project Essay

Action research is only valuable in its implementation. Using action research as a springboard for collaboration in an organization, you can initiate positive organizational change that will benefit all stakeholders. Communicating your results effectively is a vital part of any successful research plan.

For this assignment, use the action plan proposal from Topic 5 as the basis for a 5-7 minute video presentation to share with colleagues, administrators, and other stakeholders in the organization.

You may use any video platform you choose, (e.g., your phone, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, GoAnimate, Powtoon, Adobe Spark). The video must be engaging, visually appealing, and designed to encourage collaboration in your action plan.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Brief description of the action plan you propose
  • Overview of the data used to create the action plan
  • Role each stakeholder will play in the action plan and timetable for implementation
  • Expected outcomes and benefits to the organization and the stakeholders