TCH 520 GCU Brain Based Learning Brain Parts & Hemispheres Infographic

Brain-Based Learning Infographic

As you have learned throughout this course, brain-based learning is a comprehensive approach to teaching and learning that can be applied to various fields. Brain-based learning seeks to enhance individuals’ learning experiences by drawing on the most current brain research and how the brain is best stimulated for learning and performance. It is essential to understand how brain-based learning can be used in practice.

Draw on what you learned from Topics 1-6 to create a digital infographic (using a web-based application like Canva, Stencil, or Piktochart) to be shared with other professionals in your field outlining brain-based learning and its applications.

The infographic should include the following:

  • A description of brain-based learning in your respective field of study.
  • Why brain-based learning matters to your respective field of study.
  • At least 2-3 practical brain-based learning strategies or activities that can be applied to your field of study. Be sure to offer specific examples.
  • How brain-based learning can be used to affect change at individual, group, or institutional levels in your field of study.
  • Minimum of 2-3 methods to overcome challenges with learning common in your field of study by using principles of brain-based learning.
  • At least 2-3 specific resources that professionals in your field could utilize to learn more about brain-based learning or how to embed brain-based learning in their teaching or work.