Social and Economic Statues as Determinants for Life-Saving Procedures Essay

Step 1: Using Concorde’s Online Library, your digital text, or other scholarly websites, Read the articles, Mantle’s Transplant Raises Delicate Issues About Organ Donation and Tough Questions about Transplants Raised by New Heart for Baby Jesse (these are found under "Lectures" in Module 9). Address the following topics/questions in a coherent essay that is a minimum of three (3) pages, not including a title and/or reference page:

  • Do people with private insurance or who live in a higher income bracket receive preferential treatment when it comes to live-saving procedures? If yes, is this acceptable?
  • Should hospital administrators be able to decide who receives a transplant based on economic status, social status, religious status, etc?
  • Is preferential treatment a legal practice? Is this an ethical practice? What is the difference between an illegal act and an unethical act?
  • What changes should be made to ensure that factors such as economic status, celebrity status, social status do not make an impact in the decision to receive lifesaving procedures?