SDSU Geology Essay

Imagine that you’re a geologist studying a sequence of sedimentary rocks exposed in the side of a tall cliff
right by a beach. You notice that the bottom sedimentary rock, the one in front of you at the base of the cliff, is a
layer of conglomerate. Above the conglomerate, you see a sandstone layer, and then shale/mudstone above it.
Finally, on very top of the cliff you see that the youngest rock is clearly a layer of limestone.
Because of your superb geologic training, you recognize that this sequence of rocks represents a change in
the environment and sea levels in the location where the rocks were deposited.
1. Write the evolution of this sequence of rock layers at this location, specifically relating the progressive change
in rock type to the changing depositional environment, including sea level changes. Stack these layers in a
strat column, or cross-section.
2. Make sure that you also describe energy levels at each environment and how those levels changed. Note: I will send pictures of the geology lab for this topic.