Saudi Electronic University Ministry of Health Challenges Paper

Evaluate one of the ICT challenges identified by the Ministry of Health listed below. Describe the eHealth ICT challenge you select and research the leadership required to achieve ???KSA Vision 2030 objectives that will deliver good health and well-being. Technology challenges include the availability of services and support, the different levels of eHealth maturity, standardization, connectivity, and clinical collaboration. The MOH developed the vision for eHealth by supporting care for patients, connecting providers at all levels, and measuring medical error reporting and patient experience reporting in the MOH effort to transform the Saudi health system. The MOH states that the eHealth /ICT strategy is to achieve “A safe, quality health system, based on patient-centric care guided by standards, enabled by eHealth”(Alymeni, 2013).

Consistency and quality in health care services and facilities

Availability and continuity of services across a very broad and diverse geography

Access to current, comprehensive, and accurate patient information at the point of care

  • Standard reporting from regions and facilities to plan, manage, and detect trends
  • Collaboration with other sectors that provide Health Services to patients
  • Recruiting, training, and retaining professionals and top talent
  • Managing and planning health services for an increasing number of visitors, and managing the risk of infectious disease during the Hajj (and Umrah)
  • Addressing issues faced by our health system and care providers such as increasing motor vehicle accidents and chronic disease
  • Outline for the written assignment:
  • Introduction
  • HIS Innovations in Saudi Arabia