Santa Monica College Editorial Content and Advertisements Discussion


Imagine you’re a magazine editor, and you just published a well-researched article on the potentially dangerous side effects of a new diet drug. The article is one of a series of three articles you are planning on the hazards of diet drugs. The manufacturer of the drug, who buys a significant amount of advertising in your publication for its many products, calls and says, “Don’t ever run an article like that again.” The advertiser (the drug manufacturer who you wrote about in the article) threatens to pull their advertising and not buy advertising from your magazine in the future.

For this assignment, think about the relationship between editorial content and advertisements in magazines, and how magazines cope with the desire for editorial independence and the drive for advertising revenue. Please complete the following questions.

  1. What are the potential impacts and consequences if you do not run the other articles (The articles might contain important health information for your readers) and you keep the advertiser?
  2. What are the potential impacts and consequences of you go ahead with the articles? (The drug manufacturer, who is an important advertiser in your magazine, might stop buying ads from you. What if this causes your magazine financial trouble - like cutting jobs or even going bankrupt? )
  3. After outlining the consequences of both sides, please answer -- what would you do as the editor? Why?