Saddleback College Philosophy Discussion Questions

Social Constructions and Racial Identities
Concepts: racial subjectivism, cosmopolitanism

Questions: What is biological collectivism and explain how it is harmful to the self and others?
Name one reason, according to Jason Hill, why we should drop the term “racial identity?”
Racism and Neo-racism
Concepts: microaggressions, implicit racism, extrinsic racism, racialism, black-white binary,

Questions: What is white privilege and some examples? And What are two arguments against
the use of the term? What is racism according to JLA Garcia and why is it morally wrong? Name
the 5 axes of racial oppression according to Linda Alcoff.

Race (and Racism) in Contemporary Life
Concepts: Anti-Semitism, ACE gene, colorism

Questions: What are false justifications for some racial groups are dominant in sports? Provide
and describe two explanations by Rutherford? What are IQ Tests and are they good ways to
measure the intelligence of racial groups? Explain why or why not? What are false explanations
for why some racial groups are dominate in music? What is Rutherford’s explanation? Why are
there an absence of Olympic Black swimmers according to Rutherford?

Political Philosophy, Law, and Public Policy

Concepts: veil of ignorance, rectificatory justice, applicative justice

Questions: Explain one principle of justice according to John Rawls and explain if you agree
or disagree with it and why? What is affirmative action and the justification behind it? Name one
charge against affirmative action and one response. What are the requirement for a just apology
according to Roberts? What is color blindness and why isn’t it the answer to racial injustice
according to Gutmann?