Rowan College at Gloucester County Week 11 Intervention Against Ebola Discussion

Imagine you are a visiting Sociologist at the local university in Gulu (Gulu University), one of the primary cities in northern Uganda. An outbreak of Ebola has been reported in three of the Acholi communities adjacent to Gulu within the past three months. From reports in the community, there are likely about 200 residents that have contracted Ebola. Staff at the Catholic hospital in Gulu are preparing to visit the communities to advise and treat the residents. The hospital’s director knows of your experience in medical anthropology and the region. He formally asks that you design a plan for the Acholi. Based on what you have read by the Hewlett’s, what would you advise? Your writing should include at least three major recommendations that could be followed by hospital staff or development workers in the region involving how to organize efforts and/or actions to take. You should also have at least a few recommendations on principles or actions for staff and workers avoid. I