REA 550 Inclusive Literacy Environment Brochure

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Establishing an inclusive classroom environment where all students learn together is paramount for success. The creation of literacy instruction, where all students’ needs are met, must be thoughtfully planned.

For this assignment, create a tri-fold brochure on the importance of creating an inclusive literacy environment to be distributed to classroom teachers.

Address the following:

  • Describe multiple literacies such as visual literacy, textual literacy, digital literacy, and technological literacy, their effect on reading and writing instruction for students, and how they support inclusive environments.
  • Identify how an inclusive literacy environment affects collaboration and positively influences a safe, low risk social environment.
  • Explain how to create an inclusive environment with compassion and care by designing culturally responsive instruction. Provide 2-3 examples of culturally responsive instruction that promotes inclusion.
  • Identify how the inclusive literacy environment affects the motivation and engagement of students. Provide an example.
  • Explain how the inclusive learning environment contributes to differentiation and meets the needs of diverse students. Provide an example.

Support your brochure with 3-5 scholarly references.