REA 515 Reading Literacy specialists Analysis of Assessment Paper

Reading/Literacy specialists have a responsibility to lead and support literacy components on a school campus. One part of the leadership process is implementing PLCs in which grade level or content area teachers come together to analyze assessment data and collaboratively engage in establishing differentiated support interventions to meet all student needs.

For this assignment, review the scenario listed below related to a grade level PLC to determine how you, in the role of reading/literacy specialist, would approach a PLC meeting to serve the situation best.

Scenario: The second-grade PLC team has established a great rapport meeting once a week for the last three years to lesson plan together. Their students just completed the district’s reading benchmark pre-assessment, and the data has just been shared with you, the reading/literacy specialist. In reviewing the data, you are surprised that 75% of the students have tested with “average to below average” scores in phonics and fluency skills.

Create a 500-750 word resource document that the reading/literacy specialist would share with teachers while leading the PLC team in a collaborative discussion.

Include the following:

  • An explanation of how you would analyze  the test data to guide future instructional planning
  • Strategies for addressing the phonics and fluency skills scores
  • The future goals and next steps
  • Resources you would share with the team to support classroom reading instruction.