REA 515 GCU Comparing District & School Roles of The Reading Specialist Essay

Comparing Roles and Responsibilities

It is important for reading/literacy specialists to understand their roles both on a school campus and at the district level. Reading/literacy specialists often will analyze district or school level data and share that analysis with school administrators and teachers in order to help them choose and revise their curriculum or instruction.

For this assignment, create a chart comparing the roles  and responsibilities of a reading/literacy specialist at the school site to those within the district.

Address the following:

  • Explain the importance of collaboration with district stakeholders, the Professional Learning Community (PLC), during the RTI process, and with leadership.
  • Describe the role of the reading/literacy specialist with district-level and schoolwide assessments and how the data is used to support school-based educators in planning instruction .
  • Describe leadership initiatives (district assessments, reading curriculum, professional development, and intervention initiatives) that support the school campus and the district.
  • Explain the connections with school and district stakeholders (school psychologist, intervention specialists, special education teachers, and other valuable support professionals).