REA 510 Grand Canyon University Language & Literacy Assessment Discussion

Presenting Assessment Terms

Being aware of terms associated with assessment is important for reading/literacy specialists. There is a need to understand how each term supports the assessment process and diagnostic testing, and provides adequate remediation and intervention to increase skills and support all students.

For this assignment, create a video using any video recording device.

Your principal has asked you to create a 3-5 minute resource video to present to new teachers during orientation. The video must be engaging and clearly inform new teachers about the following assessment terms and how they relate to reading instruction:

  • Reading or literacy assessment
  • Language assessment
  • Diagnostic test
  • Remediation
  • Intervention
  • Progress monitoring

For each term include the following information:

  • Clear definition of the term and how the term applies to reading and writing instruction .
  • At least one example of the term, such as an assessment tool or remediation activity, and how it would be utilized in the classroom .
  • How the term fits into the process of remediation and intervention to support learning in the classroom .
  • The reading/literacy specialist’s role relative to each term .
  • How students are presented and interact with the term as part of the learning process.