Professional Paper about an Aging Issue

Professional Paper about an Aging Issue Each student will select an issue related to aging and research what is currently being done to address the issue. The focus should be on what nursing can do/and or is doing to positively impact the particular issue. (Examples include the danger to older patients during transitions of care, access to care for transgendered or homosexual older adults, or how to handle falls in patients hospitalized with dementia. Please choose a topic that interests you-there are many!) Please include · What the issue is and how aging impacts the issue or how the issue impacts aging. · How the issue is being addressed, including innovative ways to address the issue. Has it been the subject of research into better ways to deal with the issue? If so, what has the research revealed? · You may include what you consider would be beneficial-how would you solve the problem if you were in charge? · Paper should be 3-5 pages in length, not including title page or references and must be written using APA format · Please include at least 3 peer-reviewed references, one of which may be your book, published within the past 5 years. Content -Paper is focused, clear and specific. -Paper is full of details for support and demonstrates what is important about the topic. Structure -Strong introductory statement-inviting and states main topic & position and previews rest of paper -Author\'s statements supported by outside sources Correct spelling, grammar, and mechanics. Format -Titling, page headers, page numbers in correct format. -All sections present in an orderly fashion. -References and in-text citations follow APA formatting. This paper will not be accepted if there is evidence of plagiarism and the student will receive a zero on the assignment.