PHIL 101 American Military University Metaphysics and Epistemology Questions

Please download and complete the attached worksheet. On it you will find 21 terms from weeks 3 and 4, with a few from earlier in the course. NOTE: Choose 10 Terms to fulfill the assignment. From this list, please do the following:
1. Name the term.
2. Provide a brief definition in your own words. DO NOT copy and paste a definition from anywhere. When you search online, add the word “philosophy” to the term and spell it properly to be sure you are getting the right information. “Idealism” in philosophy is very different from “Idealism.”
3. State whether it is related to metaphysics, epistemology, or both and in what way.
4. Finally, discuss how it factors into your belief system, or discuss something you feel is interesting about how the term fits into the study of metaphysics or epistemology.

Example using a term from Week 7:

Utilitarianism: At the core, utilitarianism is an ethical theory that used the belief humans favor pleasure over pain to determine that the most moral action is the one that produces the greater good to the greater number of those involved. Personally, as a rule utilitarian, I feel that some duties are important, but there are often exceptions and rules that need to be bent or broken to do the morally right thing.