PHI 2604 Miami Dade College Deontology Social Contract & Utilitarianism Journal


SPECS: 300 words. Use an MLA style guide (title, introduction with thesis, main copy, conclusion. Use in text citations for quotes/paraphrasing, works cited page). Resources: you should use the text-books(IMP Ch. 7, 8 or 9 & RMP Hobbes, pp. 117-125, Kant, pp. 152-160, Rawls pp.125-132, or Bentham/Mill pp132-140. PROMPT: Theme: UNSDG # 1 No Poverty. Use either 1) Kant’s Deontological Ethics (utilizing his categorical imperative formula 1, 2 & 3) or 2) Utilitarianism (Greater good for the greater number/no harm principle/equality principle) or 3) Social Contract Theory to argue that we must eliminate poverty in the world. Provide an overview of UNSDG #1, a full explanation of the ethical theory chosen