Needs assessment for new nurses and lab phlebotomist

Part 1: Develop a short needs assessment of 10-20 open-ended or closed-ended questions for learning needs assessment related to your education focus to administer to your practicum audience. Needs Assessment for Nursing and Lab 1. What is your job title? a) CNA, Nurse Tech b) RN, LVN c) Phlebotomist d) Nurse Manager e) Lab Manager 2. What shift do you work? a) 7A- 7P b) 7P- 7A c) Other 3. What time of day do you prefer to attend an educational offering? a) 7 am b) 11 am c) 3 pm d) 7 pm e) 11pm f) 3am 4. How do you prefer to receive the education? a) Unit based in service b) Classroom lecture c) Computer-based learning d) Hands-on with computer training and instructor e) Other 5. How familiar with the benefits of skin to skin for blood draws on infants? a) Somewhat b) Have not idea c) Know but chose not to use d) Occasionally uses for blood draws 6. On a scale of 1-4 how confident are you with heel stick blood draws? 1. No experience 2. Some experience 3. Feel confident but needs practice 4. Real confidence and does not need practice 7. How often do you perform heel stick blood draws on infants? a) Daily b) Weekly c) Monthly d) Never 8. How willing are you to learn about skin-to-skin for blood draws and how to correctly perform it? a) Somewhat b) Very willing c) Have no desire d) Willing after being taught 9. Where did you received your training for infant heel stick blood draws? a) From a phlebotomist in technical training school b) In a clinical setting such as nursing school c) Read it in a book d) Watched a DVD I have 9 and would like 10 more. Part 2: To accompany your assessment, write a 350-500 word data collection plan with the following information: Explanation of data collection techniques such as the format and how you will administer the learning needs assessment to your students. Description of how you will use the data collected from this learning needs assessment.