Miami University Cayman Islands Deforestation and Pollution Outline

Directions: You will create a research outline (refer to the attached final project presentation),that includes the following information:

[1] What is your final project scenario, vision, and purpose?

[2] Why did you choose this?

[3] Define sustainable development and discuss each of the three dimensions/pillars and connect them contextually to your project focus.

>>>What does it mean to be economically sustainable? (connect to your client)

>>>What does it mean to be socially sustainable? (connect to your client)

>>>What does it mean to be environmentally sustainable? (connect to your client)

[4] Conduct research to identify companies/organizations that already implement sustainable practices….or similar projects/programs. You will use these for models and guides, as examples in your presentation. These should be examples and case studies like your client. Who has already done this and been successful at it?

[5] Compile your reference list of website resources as you conduct your research on your chosen sustainable issues, implementations, and practices. There is no set number of sites to use. Use AT LEAST 5!