Miami Dade College The Eight Principles of Deep Ecology Journal


Mechanical Requirements: Use MLA format for this journal (double line spacing, in text citations and works cited. Ensure you use a title. 300 words and 3-4 paragraphs (1) intro with thesis, (2) main discussion and (3) conclusion. Include at least one quote from our text-book. Only use our text-book, in class notes etc. as your main sources. Qu.1) Why does Aldo Leopold reject the efficacy of conventional conservation practices? How could “thinking like a mountain” prevent the further exploitation of the environment. Qu. 2) Outline the main themes of Karen Warren's Eco-Feminism. Explain Warren's Oppressive Conceptual Framework and how it is used to exploit non-male others and the environment. 3) What are the eight principles of Deep Ecology? Do you agree with them all? Are there any that you disagree with? Discuss your chosen question in reference to UNSDG # 15