Long Beach City College Socrates Philosophy Essay

Write one essay.  The essay should be typed and double-spaced, approximately three pages for each question.

Try to make your answers as complete as possible, that is, when in doubt, explain.  Write your essay in your own words; no quotes, please.  Resist the temptation to quote from texts; instead, explain in your own words.  You may use a quote to fortify an argument or explanation but not in lieu of an explanation.  Your essays should be based on the assigned readings and classroom discussions, noton outside materials or sources.

a) Does Socrates "apologize" for his actions? Why or why not? What does he mean when he claims that he has provided the "greatest benefit" to the city of Athens?  How does he distance himself from the sophists?  What does his testimony reveal about his beliefs in the importance of philosophy?

b) Many of the ideas and themes of Socrates found in the Apology are echoed in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." What similarities do you find exhibited in these two works? How does Dr. King justify civil disobedience?  How does he agree with Socrates on this issue?  In their testimonies, how do both men exhibit the highest respect for the law?