Long Beach City College Healthy People Questions

Please answer the following questions in your own words. Please take time to become familiar with the website before you start answering the questions. Your answers should include the question with a double-spaced narrative answered below. 1. How does Healthy People collect their data?

Healthy People collect data use the method and progress like nationally representative, response rates, known population coverage, documentation completeness. And the data come from more than 80 systems. Most of them are federal, including many HHS agencies like CDC, NCHS, FDA, NIH and non-HHS agencies including USDA, EPA, Labor, Education and Transportation.

2. How are the objectives measured?

The three OBJECTIVES of this site are to increase healthy longevity, to reduce disparities in health status among different populations, and to provide preventive health care for all.

3. Why did the Healthy People initiative start?

4. How is the website organized?

5. What are Leading Health Indicators?

6. List the five domains for the social determinants of health. Select one domain and identify the goal associated with the social determinant of health.

7. Describe Foundation Health Measures.

8. Select a Health Topic and list the topic below.

9. List the goal of your health topic (this can be copied and pasted, but should include an APA in-text citation).

10. List the objectives for your health topic (this can be copied and pasted, but should include an APA in-text citation).

11. How are they organized?

12. What evidence based resources are provided for your health topic?

13. Look at one of your topic objectives from Healthy People 2030, how has it changed from Healthy People 2020?

14. Explore Tools for Action. How would a health educator use Tools for action in their work?

15. As a health educator, list one way you can use Healthy People 2030.

16. What is your overall opinion about this website?