Lewis University History Essay

  1. Explain how Enlightenment ideas influenced modern political thinking (the source of government’s power, the purpose of government, natural rights) and modern economic thinking (how an economy should be organized and the role of government).Then, explain three ways that Enlightenment thinking was seen in the French Revolution and one way it was seen with Napoleon.
  1. What is the meaning of the term nationalism?Name four factors that generally promotes nationalism among people.Explain the conflict between empires and nationalism.Then, explain the form nationalism took among Jews?And, explain how nationalism emerged in Japan and changed Japan in three ways.
  1. What is meant by imperialism?Explain the economic, technological, religious/racist, and political motives behind imperialism.Then, explain what forms British imperialism took and how it worked in India, Egypt, and China.
  1. Explain how industrialization affected the military in two ways. Explain how industrialization affected transportation in two ways.Then, describe the conditions and life of the early factory workers as well as the factory owner.Finally, what did Karl Marx advocate in an industrial society?
  1. What was the overall demographic trend in the 19th century?What was the main reason for this population trend?Explain two setbacks in the 19th century to population growth?Finally, explain four reasons why population growth did not exceed food supply as predicted by Thomas Malthus.