Langara College Moral Rules and Cultures Philosophy Essay

Essay Topics

1) Do you think that any moral rules are binding on all people of all cultures and time periods, whether most people of a given culture and time period would agree or not?  If so, give an example and say why it is so binding.  If not, give an example that might seem like it is so binding and say why it is not.

2) Is the solution to the Euthyphro dilemma to give up on Divine Command Theory?  To accept one of the horns of the dilemma (and if so, which one)?  Something else?  Whatever you decide, defend your view.

3) Do we have an obligation as a society to support people with extreme disabilities that render them unable to work?  Why or why not?

4) Are there any natural rights that people have that should never be violated, regardless of how much more happiness could be produced by violating a person's natural rights than by not doing so?  Why or why not?