Justice for All & Social Planners of District 13 Essay


In this unit we are considering again the idea of why and how we construct societies. Martha Nussbaum reintroduces us to the social contract theory and adds her own additional insight. She asks us to recognize that we all have different abilities and ways in which we can be contributing members of society. Yet, cultivating this reality is challenging for us and requires some changes to what it means to contribute. In this writing assignment, you will consider some of the questions related to this topic. See the prompt below. 


In this Imaginative Writing Assignment, I challenge you to consider how, specifically, do we create a society where everyone is truly valued? What does it mean for our schools, our public spaces, and our social safety nets, etc?

Construct a letter from Nussbaum to Coin in which Nussbaum seeks to provide guidance on the occasion that District 13 might succeed in its revolution and need to create a just society for all of Panem.