HIST101 KC Primary Source Discussion

Primary Source Analysis Information

I. Introduction and thesis
a. What is it that is being analyzed, and why is it important? What are the main points that you are going to make in this essay?
b. Your thesis should be clearly stated in your first paragraph.

II. Supporting arguments and organizational structure
a. Your entire paper should support your thesis. What are the statements throughout the essay that support your thesis?
b. Expand on the most important points that are being made, and explain why these points are so important. This should be the biggest part of this essay.
c. By the end of the analysis, the reader should understand what the essay was about, the arguments the writer of the essay used to make her/his points, and why the essay is important to read and understand. Why should anyone care about the essay?And how this essay fits into historical context.

III. Conclusion
a. Your conclusion should support your thesis, and be consistent with your analysis. No new information should be included in your conclusion. Keep it brief.