HIS-103 OCC Free Trade and the Migration of Industry Project

Assignment #1 Living through World War II

World War II continued the trend towards “total” warfare that began in WWI. Modern technology and the sheer scale of troop mobilization meant that non-combatants could no longer remain safely behind the lines. All civilians, including women and children, experienced changes in their daily lives throughout the duration of the war.

  1. Choose an aspect of life, other than the fighting itself, that changed during World War II. History.com, PBS.com, and NPS.gov are good places to start your search. Research your chosen aspect of life.
  2. Create a product to inform an audience about the aspect of life you've selected. Your product should be creative, not simply a written description. For example, you might create a flyer, concept map, news article, radio broadcast, or an infographic.
  3. Your product should address the following questions:
    • What aspect of life did you select?
    • Who experienced this aspect of life?
    • What changed? How?
    • How did this change support the war effort
    • Assignment #2
    • Globalization has changed our world in complex ways, and there is an ongoing debate about whether globalization has been (and continues to be) a positive force in our society. In this activity, you will take and defend a position on globalization through a written assignment.
      1. Begin by researching globalization. Especially consider the pros and cons of globalization in both modern societies and throughout history. Crash Course provides a good video introduction to the debate. You might consider topics such as:
        • Population movement, borders, and refugee crises
        • International bodies (UN, IMF, World Bank, ICC)
        • Free trade and the migration of industry
        • Global industrialization and climate change
        • The impact of the internet and social media
        • Reactions to globalization: protectionism, xenophobia, and new nationalist movements
        • Extremism and global terror
      2. Take a position on globalization. For the purposes of this assignment, you must either be in favor of globalization, or against it.
      3. Write a paper arguing your position. Your paper must:
        • argue a position for or against globalization,
        • be at least 500 words or more (approximately two double-spaced pages),
        • include at least two reputable sources. Material Needed For WORK