HIS 103 Oakton Community College Module 5 Civilization in China Discussion

In this online discussion, you will have an opportunity to both ask and answer questions about this week's learning outcomes. There are three parts to this discussion:

Part 1 – Post a Question, Concern, or Goal

Review this week's Course and Module outcomes listed on the Module 5 Module Overview page. Create a new thread and write about a question or concern you have about one or more of the outcomes. If you don't have any questions or concerns, set a learning goal for yourself and describe what you will need to do to meet that goal. Formulate your post in a way that will encourage your classmates to reply. This initial post should be at least 100 words.

  1. Read the following Acrobatiq modules and complete the quiz at the end of each module. Click here to access Acrobatiq.
    • WWI and WWII
    • Post-War World to Present
  2. Watch the following videos:
  3. Complete the online Discussion.
  4. NlU d2l login Name:fkhan17 PW: Faizan1979!