GU Science Timeline of Discovery Discussion

Timeline of Discovery

Select one topic of discovery used in our modern lives. Some examples include microwaves, x- rays, lasers, radiation, nuclear energy, etc. Using the free Online Timeline Maker from Adobe Spark and this printable outline, create a timeline of your selected discovery. Watch this video for assistance in using the timeline creator. You will need to include the following information:  

  1. What is the discovery you      selected?
  2. Who, when, and how was this      discovered?
    1. Include       any early developments. Was this accidentally discovered?

i.First development

ii.Second development

  1. When was this commercially      available?
  2. When was this available for      residential use?
  3. Include dates and information      about two negative activities or concerns with using this product.
    1. First       negative
    2. Second       negative
  4. Include at least two different      ways this discovery has been used over time and the dates when used.
    1. First       way it was used
    2. Second       way it was used
  5. Include two ways this may be      used in the future and marking the anticipated dates of use.
    1. First       future event
    2. Second       future event