GU Science Hydrogen Atom Brochure

Elemental Brochure

Create a brochure! A brochure is often a short informational or persuasive publication about a product.Your product is your choice of one of the elements from the Periodic Table. Using MS Word, you will create and design your own unique brochure advertising your element.Include as many images as you would like.The required information on you brochure will include:

Name of the element

Atomic number

Atomic mass

Number of protons, neutrons, and electrons

When was it discovered

Who discovered it

How it was I discovered

Where did the element’s name come from

It’s melting and boiling point

State at room temperature (solid, liquid or gas)

One way you could cause a chemical change

One way you could cause a physical change

Two current uses for this element

Two possible ways to use this element in the future