Grand Canyon University Write a Digital Literacy Lesson Plan About English Language Arts

As the number and variety of information and communication technology options continue to proliferate, teachers must discern appropriate digital literacy tools to meet the cognitive and technical skill needs of their students. Reading/Literacy specialists will need to evaluate these tools and collaborate with teachers on how to best use them for finding, creating, communicating, and evaluating content.

For this assignment, use the “COE Lesson Plan Template” to create a lesson plan for the students in your field experience classroom or your own classroom that incorporates at least one digital literacy activity or tool. The lesson plan needs to demonstrate your overall knowledge of literacy instruction.

Note: Remember this should be a lesson you have permission to implement with students in your field experience classroom during Topic 6. Share the lesson plan with your mentor teacher prior to teaching the lesson.

In addition to what is described on the template, include the following in the indicated sections of the lesson plan template:

  • Lesson Summary and Focus: Explain how foundational knowledge will be used to design evidence-based literacy instruction to meet the needs of individual students.
  • Classroom and Student Factors/Grouping: Explain how digital technologies will be integrated in appropriate, safe, and effective ways for the group of students.
  • National/State Learning Standards and Learning Objectives: Select a grade level standard related to literacy and ensure there is a minimum of one learning objective related to digital literacy.
  • Multiple Means of Representation: Explain how foundational knowledge will be used to adapt and evaluate instruction that is differentiated to support all students with literacy development.
  • Multiple Means of Engagement: Explain how the relationship between reading, writing, and language in the development of literacy skills is addressed in your lesson plan. Students should understand, question, and analyze standards-based content.
  • Multiple Means of Expression: Create developmentally appropriate assessments and explain how they align to the content area standards and measure learning objectives.