Grand Canyon University Creating Data Driven Instruction Discussion

Creating Data-Driven Instruction

Reading/Literacy specialists need to be able to understand assessment data to determine appropriate instructional strategies. Often, data is addressed collaboratively during PLC meetings or grade level team meetings to support all students within a grade level. The outcome of the meetings is an action plan for recommendations to support learning both within the classroom environment and during tiered support groups.

Obtain classroom reading assessment data from the mentor teacher. After analyzing the data, create a 500-750 word handout for the classroom teacher with recommended reading and writing instructional strategies based on assessment data. To protect the student’s identity and privacy use pseudonyms in place of their names.

Include the following:

  • Summary of the assessment data.
  • Recommendations for students who scored below grade level.
  • Recommendations for students who scored at grade level.
  • Recommendations for students who scored above grade level.