GCU Literacy Theories Essay

The foundational elements of content area instruction rest upon research-based instructional approaches, literary theories, and reading/writing strategies. As lifelong learners, reading specialists/literacy specialists apply these elemental concepts while also being informed about ongoing research that may offer additional insight for educators.

Create a 750-1,000-word essay that describes literacy theories, instructional approaches, and reading and writing strategies to support literacy and content area teachers.

Include the following in your essay:

  • Description of reader response theory, new criticism theory, and critical literary theory, and how they can be applied to current literacy curriculum.
  • Description of basal/anthology, literature-based, individualized reading and writing workshops, and integrated instructional approaches. Provide a brief analysis of how each relates to the literary theories above when creating a balanced literacy program.
  • Discuss at least two evidence-based reading strategies that support the literary theories described. Include an explanation of how to support culturally responsive learning in the classroom.
  • Discuss at least two evidence-based writing strategies that support the literary theories described. Include how each inform writing instruction and support reading across content areas.

Support your essay with a minimum of 3-5 resources.