GCU Ethical and Spiritual Decision Making in Health Care Discussion Questions

The Four parts of the Christian Biblical Narrative are listed from a personal perspective of the Christian faith and how to find comfort in the midst of sickness.

Creation: When God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them he also created mankind. After He created He spoke “it is good”, in genesis chapter 1. With the idea that mankind is good, because we are created in Gods image and that all existence is right where it is supposed to be, creation was completed. The nature of God through His creation is love. He loves us so much he created this place for us to enjoy and to commune with God. In the relation to sickness and disease, I believe God knew it would be that way. But we have his guidance through this life in hope of eternal life for comfort.

Fall: The fall in the Bible talks about how Adam and Eve disobeyed and she eat from the tree in the garden of Eden. At that point, sin entered the world. The world now knows; suffering, death, and disease. I see love in the fall. Due to the fact that God sent his son to die for our sins to restore what the fall/disobedience caused. This can bring tremendous comfort and hope when we are suffering because we have the God of love to help us through.

Redemption; After the fall the plan of redemption was in motion. Through the old and new testament God was lining up His redemption named Jesus. He died on the cross to redeem our lost soul to raise again three days later so that we can have full redemption. To have at any moment forgiveness and salvation by faith in who Jesus is and grace, not by my works but what Christ already did. Clearly, his nature to me says love. As for the relation to sickness we now can have Jesus, if we choose, living through us to help to maneuver through disease. To have the hope of healing either now or in the next life.