Fullerton College Philosophy Essay

Question 1) Is abortion ever ethically just or right? What circumstances would make it appropriate (if it is ever appropriate) and why do these circumstances make it appropriate? If it is never appropriate, tell me why. Be sure to consider cases where the woman may be a victim of rape and/or that the fetus may pose a severe health risk to the mother.

Your response should be at least three paragraphs long. I’m not going to give you a word count minimum or maximum. Just give me as much of a written response as you think you need, just as long as you’re able to fill at least three paragraph’s worth of material.

Question 2)

How would a utilitarian handle the issue of raising or caring for people with severe mental or physical disabilities? Would a utilitarian say that it is good to spend time, money, and your personal energies to give education, care, employment opportunities, or other services to people with severe mental or physical disabilities?

Give me what you think the utilitarian position would be, consider a possible criticism one could have on this position, and tell me what your own position would be on caring or raising people with severe mental or physical disabilities if you think it would differ from the position that a utilitarian would take.