FC Geology Water Wars Between India and Pakistan Discussion

 do the following:

1. Read/listen to the articles listed below. Take notes. Click on the provided hyperlinks to take you to the articles. You  are required to view "BBC Our World India's Water Crisis" and "Climate  Crisis in India: Heat Wave Causes Water Scarcity". In addition, chose  three of the five articles below to reference in your initial post:





3. Using Diamond's five-points, analyze the following  questions/assumptions about the factors leading to South Asia's recent  troubles:

  • Keeping  Diamond's Theory in mind, analyze the argument that climate change is  adding environmental pressure to societal pressures in South Asian  countries.
  • What role, if any, has climate change played in causing potential conflict between India and Pakistan?
  • How do dysfunctional societal factors increase the likelihood that India is more susceptible to climate related disturbance?