Family Literacy Night Plan

Engaging families in reading activities that help promote at-home reading opportunities and provide support for all students is a critical part of the child’s reading experiences. Reading/Literacy specialists are often tasked with planning schoolwide activities to get families involved in their child’s literacy learning.

Your principal has asked you to assist in planning a schoolwide family literacy night that will provide families with strategies and resources enabling them to become involved in their child’s literacy development.

First, create a 100-250\-word flyer that describes the Family Literacy Night, including at least three activities families can expect to participate in at the event.

2 assignments for $100-- I will begin working on the other one we did not complete and send you the as much complete info in the document for you to complete standards and instruction and you can critique

Following the flyer, create a 250-500 word handout for families to take home. This will provide them with strategies and resources to support their child’s literacy development at the elementary level.

The handout should include:

Importance of establishing a home-school connection. 

Two research-based strategies for each of the five essential components of literacy that can be  implemented at home.

At least two strategies that can be done at home to support writing development.

At least three online resources families can use to support their student’s literacy development at             home.

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