During this course, we have looked at what honest, upright people do to become successful in life. They:

During this course, we have looked at what honest, upright people do to become successful in life. They:

  • take control of their own fate
  • take personal responsibility for their actions
  • develop self-confidence
  • think critically and ask questions
  • plan to act early rather than procrastinating
  • turn to capable people when they need help or advice
  • demonstrate flexibility and interest in lifelong learning
  • practice moral and ethical behavior

While the above actions are important, they are by no means the only actions one can take to be successful.

  • Think of one additional action you can take to bring about your success, both academically and in life generally.
  • Search for a quote that highlights the value of that action and that you personally find meaningful.
  • Research some brief information about the individual who is credited with making the quote. When did they live? Are they famous? If so, what are they famous for? Note: This means that you cannot choose a quote by someone anonymous.
  • Explain in your own words what the quote means.
  • Explain why the quote is meaningful to you, e.g., by providing an example from your life experience.
  • Relate the important message the quote has for students who want to achieve academic success.

Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes all of the above.

Grading criteria for the oral presentation (2 points for each of the following):

  • I make a presentation that is about 4 minutes long.
  • I present the quote on a slide and give my colleagues a chance to read it.
  • I accurately paraphrase the meaning of the quote.
  • I explain why the quote is meaningful to me.
  • I connect the message of the quote to academic success.
  • The layout of the slides balances text and images.
  • The text uses bullet points - is in note form, not complete sentences
  • The text is grammatically correct.
  • The text uses academic vocabulary.
  • I speak in a loud, clear voice.

Total: 2 x 10 = 20 points

To help you with your presentation, if you'd like, here is an outline you can follow:

I have chosen a quote about _____________________.

This quote is by ____________________. S/he is/was a __________________ who lived _______________.

Please take a minute to read it.

This quote means ____________________.

I chose this particular quote because ________________________.

I also believe it relates to our academic success here at Cedar Crest College because ____________________.

Do you have any questions you'd like to ask me?