DU Interoperability Discussion

Valley View Hospital System

In your last meeting with the hospital administrators, you learn that Valley View Hospital System has decided to acquire 5 family practices and 7 specialty practices in the local area. This means that the hospital should be ready for interoperability. Your task is to analyze the situation based on all the prior decisions made by you, evaluate the system that was selected in Week 3, and come up with a proposal that will help the facility meet the interoperability requirements.

  1. Does the new system satisfy the requirements for technical interoperability?
  2. Does the new system satisfy the requirements for semantic interoperability?
  3. If the above answers are “No” or “Not sure”, come up with 5 interoperability-related recommendations for the facility. Support your recommendations and indicate the benefits of interoperability when it comes to participation in ACO or possible future participation in health information exchange.