Delta University Philosophy Unjust Laws Disobedience Question

1) Describe the argument : the general type of argument (for example: this is an argument about how the individual should relate to the group); the text; the name of the author (when mentioning first in the paper, please use full name. Later please only use last name, which is 'King'); the idea of the paper will focus on....;quotes from the text to support what you are stating

2) Propose an idea to the argument you have chosen to discuss: Start with the idea you disagree with. "You would think that the author...., but in this paper I am going to argue..." (contradict what author thinks)--This is the thesis statemen. Then support your thesis with evidence. I am attaching the readings required just in case if you haven't read the "A Letter from a Birmingham City Jail".

3) Provide a bibliography for this paper.