Cuyamaca College Captain Christopher Newport History Questions

answer these 4 question by watching the video lectures . Each question must be 150-200 word

  1. In examining one of the key themes of American history, establishing an experimental modern republic, provide your own explanation why the U.S. Constitution, as the basis for American government, has endured for over 232 years. As explored in the online lectures covering the Constitutional Era, modern written constitutions are usually short-lived and are frequently scrapped for “new and improved” constitutions. What do you believe is the Constitution’s secret to longevity? Checks and balance system? Separation of powers? Principles of shared governance between national and state governments? The language and wording of the Constitution? Amendment process? Much of these suggestions are explored in the online lectures so you may build upon what you learned there or come up with your own ideas.
  2. Within the last several years, nothing has gained more debate in our political discourse than the Electoral College. Knowing that the Founding Fathers deliberately created this system to elect the President of the United States, now debate centers upon if the Electoral College should continue in our current time. With impassioned arguments on both sides, many have cited reasons for it to be preserved while others want it abolished. Provide your own opinion on where you stand on the Electoral College – its preservation or eradication in our present time. Make sure you construct a carefully crafted argument for your view. If you need further information about the Electoral College or some guidance in the debate, you may read Keith Miller's "16 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Electoral College" that is located in the Discussions module as a Word file. (I provided the doc)
  3. Aware that republics are short-lived, offer ideas or reasons how the American republic has survived for over 230 years. In other words, why do you believe as a republic, the American experiment has endured for so long? What is because of the strength and structure of the Constitution? Brilliant leadership in the formative years? Economic growth, opportunity and capitalism? Specific freedoms? The character of the American people? Favorable geography – land and frontier? Few enemies? Ability to expand and conquer? Knowing how to expand democracy? There could be a multitude of explanations, but focus on what you believe to be a dominant one and support and argue this viewpoint. In addition, you can write about some current concerns or worries if the American republic appears in jeopardy.
  4. What historical figure in Early American History do you believe is an unsung hero? In other words, someone who is not a major historical figure but should be recognized and appreciated for his or her accomplishment. What vital role did this figure play in American history from colonial times to 1865? You may select a man, woman, African-American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, European, etc.