Costco Case Acalysis

1. The Capstone Project is an individual Student assignment. 2. The Capstone Project is based on the strategic management framework stated in the course textbook, “Strategic Management in Action”. 3. The Student will develop the Capstone Project from the perspective of a Consulting firm (i.e., McKinsey & Co.). 4. The Student is acting as a Strategic Management Consultant that has been contracted by the Client (company of student’s choice) to provide findings and recommendations focused on specific set of Strategic Management Initiatives. 5. The Capstone Project is based on Student’s chosen Industry / Company / Brand based on their career interests or personal experience. This could also include selecting a Student’s current employer, but it is imperative that the Student have access to key financial information (preferably the 3 financial statements that a public company must file) 6. In Week 5 there will be a midpoint check-in with each student to determine the progress to date. This can be a call or zoom video chat. 7. We will discuss and review strategic consulting methodology during the course. 8. During each class in the Course we will discuss all issues you are facing in the Capstone Project Assignment. In addition, you can email or call the Professor at any time to discuss all issues you face. 9. A specific sample outline / format is available for review in the course textbook on page 231 – “How to do a Comprehensive Case Analysis”. 10. Also refer to the Sample Case Analysis on page 237 for further insights. 11. Use this methodology and format in the text to complete your assigned Capstone Project. 12. Select an enterprise / company / strategic business unit for your Capstone Project (should be a public company unless you have internal access to private company financial data). 13. You can choose your current employer or your ideal / future employer. Or you can utilize the comprehensive cases for analysis on page 245 (McDonalds, Southwest Airlines, etc.). 14. Select a specific set of Strategic Management Initiatives based on your chosen enterprise / company. Sample initiatives are (but not limited to). A. New Product Launch B. Strategic Business Unit Merger or Acquisition C. New Business Development D. Restructuring E. Global Expansion