CNDV 5330 Lamar University Survey Development Worksheet

Design a Survey. Create an account for survey development ( or maximum number of questions should fit within the parameters of the online account, should target your intended purpose of gathering data, should have one or two open questions (qualitative) and closed questions alike (quantitative or likert scale), hence reflecting the total number of questions. Please create a brief purpose statement and directions for survey participants and should be distributed to a population or group that can conveniently help determine guidance curriculum (i.e. teachers or administrators). The number of surveys distributed and sample size (number of surveys collected) should be small, between five and 10. Your survey can ask participants to rank or rate topics (Section IV), student competency areas, content areas, or goals (Section V) and the Hatch book (chapter six). In the narrative portion underneath the survey, please respond to the above bolded items. Here is where you incorporate your citations and reference page.

Be prepared to design the survey and submit in this week’s module both the link to your survey and a printed copy; but then, send the survey out between this and next week and prepare to analyze and discuss the results of your survey in week four’s assignment. Action Planning. Using a sample guidance action plan, submit an Intention Guidance Action Plan that aligns with domains and standards of both Texas and ASCA Model. It is helpful if your current campus counselor can assist, but is not mandatory. Please respond to the following areas in a type-written, chart format (this information is found in the Hatch book, chapter five, page 101). Target Group Activity Description Timeline for Completion Reason for Group Selection/Intervention Resources Needed Name of Responsible Person Specific Data to Drive Decision Projected Number of Students Evaluation of Student Success Domains/Standards/Competencie s (Texas Model and ASCA) Expected Results Student Competency Addressed/ Competency Indicators (Texas Model and ASCA) Indication the Plan has been Reviewed Both parts of this assignment are designed to expose you to the process of developing surveys and designing action plans